Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Spectacle at Harmony Homestead

The Goats were taken by surprise one recent Sunday evening. A blue truck came into the paddock, unannounced .... what is going on here?

This was highly unusual . The most popular guess was that this was a very abundant delivery of a food source. Perhaps some new hay, or some exotic grains?

It required two strong men to carry. One of them did not look particularly happy about the situation.

Two strange creatures were released!

One had fluffy feet? Are those slippers?

This spectacle was highly unusual. The goats remained in a state of disbelief and wonder.... what are these things?

Their fleece was not like anything they had every seen........

They have since come to know the new barnyard friends... We have added a Rooster and a Hen to our menagerie. The hen is a RI Red, and the Rooster is a mix... A RI Red, with some sort of chicken that has feathery slippers:)
His name is Moe, named by my great niece, Kaylee Rose, aka, Goldilocks:)
We haven't named the hen yet..

Moe....(aka Moe-zart.)

I will have a contest. Name that hen with a musical name, and lucky winner will win an ounce of wonderful pygora fleece, donated by the Harmony Homestead Herd. I will announce the winner on the Harmony Homestead Face Book page.

Use your imagination!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Bucks worth.....

We now have two bucks at Harmony Homestead!
Please allow me to proudly introduce Rainbow Spring Acres Zink.

Only another breeder can fully appreciate the value of new blood to add to the mix of the herd. Zink has excellent conformation and comes from a very reputable breeder in NY, Fran Bishop.
Zink means "coronette", like the trumpet type of horn my father used to play.
( We try to name our animals with a musical theme.)

He has type C fleece, although he will be able to throw kids of A and B type fleece due to his lineage. He has gotten the attention of the does here already:)

Our first buck, The Oaks Private Ryan has acknowledged his presence, but until the rut season arrives, there seems to be no serious head butting ! The wethers have challenged his joining the boys side of the fence. Goats being goats, will work out a pecking order, and decide amongst themselves, who gets first pick of the food and personal attention.

Adding another buck to our herd allows us to add variey into the breeding program, and brings more genetics into the pool. This will help us to develop a stronger herd line with the name of Harmony Homestead. We eagerly await to see the kids that Zink will add to our herd in the spring of 2011.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Spring is here !
It has been a long hard winter, and we welcome spring with great appreciation for all the new life that is on our little Homestead.

And the Deer let me enjoy my tulips this year!!!

The Deer do not like Daffodils, so we have lots of them!

The goats are lazily grazing on green grass.

A Weeping Cherry Tree graces the yard with abundant and delicate flowers.

Azaleas are in Full Bloom awaiting the humming birds.

A bird's nest was hidden on my potting bench , so I will have to wait to pot my flowers!

A bird house waits for new occupants.

A carving hangs to give whimsical character to a front garden

We are loving life here at Harmony Homestead in the Spring!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Field of Flowers

My dear friend, Iris Wescott, knit a scarf for me using just a one ounce skein of my lace weight Harmony Homestead Pygora yarn...Iris, is very talented, kind and generous in all she creates!

The details are wonderful to examine.

And the yarn is so soft... here you can see the halo from the pygora.

The pattern is from Ravelry,
called Field of Flowers.... here you can see the pattern more clearly.

I am very happy with the finished product.

It is of heirloom distinction.

Thank you Iris!