Thursday, April 22, 2010


Spring is here !
It has been a long hard winter, and we welcome spring with great appreciation for all the new life that is on our little Homestead.

And the Deer let me enjoy my tulips this year!!!

The Deer do not like Daffodils, so we have lots of them!

The goats are lazily grazing on green grass.

A Weeping Cherry Tree graces the yard with abundant and delicate flowers.

Azaleas are in Full Bloom awaiting the humming birds.

A bird's nest was hidden on my potting bench , so I will have to wait to pot my flowers!

A bird house waits for new occupants.

A carving hangs to give whimsical character to a front garden

We are loving life here at Harmony Homestead in the Spring!


bySarah said...

How beautiful Elaine!
Thanks for sharing your yard!

(I love tulips and mine never get to bloom either.)

Michele said...

Yay! I saw Solo in the video:)
Your farm looks beautiful....looking forward to meeting you soon!