Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last kid of the year

She finally arrived. I was expecting twins, maybe triplets, but a single.. no way! Heidi was as big as a double wide trailer.

 Heidi was just starting to labor when I got home from work Monday evening.  She was clearly having a hard time. After an hour of no progress, it was time to help her. As we in the kidding business say, "it was time to go in... "
So with a gloved hand, I helped pull her out.  She sputtered and cried, and Heidi and I  dried her off. I waited with Heidi for the next delivery, but she started to eat her dinner, and seemed to be finished with her business!  So, after caring for the umbilical cord, giving Heidi a bucket of warm water and molasses, some hay and grain,and tucking the remainder of the kids in,  I left for my much needed shower. 

Another kidding year is over, and we can breath a sigh of relief!  
We have four doelings and one buckling and all are well. 
New life is breathed into Harmony Homestead as only God can do! 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More kids !

Harmony Homestead Bolero had a set of twin doelings on Friday, March 27th. The little girl on the left has her Daddy's white belly band, not visable in this photo. She has her mother's wattles;)

These darlings were born in the field. As a new mom, I don't think that Bolero knew what to make of it, but she is doing a great job of caring for them. They are tiny, as she is very small herself. All are doing very well, and keeping us hopping too!

The blustery winds of March can be heard over the video... 

Now we wait for Heidi to deliver her kids...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Kids Are Here!

We are thrilled to  have new kids on the ground from Waterlu's Jade. She is a great momma, and birthed these twins like a pro. Jade is very attentive and protective of her kids.

She had a doeling and a buckling Friday 03/20/09 . Today, we let them out for a little frolic in the new world. They seemed to enjoy it and we certainly are delighted with their joy of life! 

Jade was recently sheared and is not wearing her gorgeous coat in these pictures. (Please pardon her appearence)
We thank her for allowing us to post pictures of her precious twins.

Click on the arrow below to enjoy a brief video clip ..... get of glimpse of new life at Harmony Homestead!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Musical Merriment

Recently, our daughter Julia came to Providence to play with the University of Delaware  Symphony Orchestra. We brought the grandmothers with us to hear a wonderful concert at the Convention Center. Julia plays the violin, and as a Psychology/Biology major , she plays for enjoyment. 
Unfortunately, recordings of the performance were forbidden, but I did get a few pictures before the concert. 

The Symphony Orchestra played Essay No. 2 for Orchestra, OP 17 (Samuel Barber) and Symphony No 8 in F major, Op.93 
(Ludwig van Beethoven) We were especially happy that her grandmothers got to see and hear Julia play with the special group of young musicians. 

We enjoyed our visit with Julia,  and celebrated the occasion with dinner at a local Italian restaurant :)  

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shearing Day

Heidi 's turn to be sheared today ....
Here she is in full fleece.


Here she is sporting a used sweatshirt.

Here is a year's worth of fleece.  Maybe a pound of raw fleece is harvested. Pygora is very light and fluffy. 
  It will need to be washed and dehaired before it is ready to be dyed, spun into a yarn, and or blended with another fiber.  Heidi yeilds about 50 % usuable fiber. That means I will get about 8 ounces of fleece from one goat! Fortunately, a little pygora goes a long way.

Pygora is a very special fiber :) The goats are nice pets too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lucky Lucy

We recently had a nice visit from Nicole and her beau Ryan, and their critters Fiddle the cat, and Lucy the dog.  Nicole and Ryan have  returned to Penn to finish up of their studies before graduation in May.

 Lucy is a rescued dog from Philly. She was found on the streets, sick and very thin. They brought  her home from the shelter, and helped her recover from pneumonia. 
We joke that she has become:
Lucretia McEvil
....hard luck and trouble is her claim to fame.... Tail shakin', home breakin', 
.....dressin' you up in style... 
 Oooh.....Lucy you just so damm bad!"

Blood, Sweat and Tears 

Actually, she is very sweet. She loves to retrieve a tennis ball ... tirelessly... endlessly.

Here she is modelling for us her new jacket that Gramma Barone and Nicole sewed for her under Ryan's watchful eye during their break.

We enjoyed the company and miss them very much already.