Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fiber, Fiber everywhere!

It is time for the 3rd annual RI Wool and Fiber festival. This means the house and myself are covered with fiber fiber everywhere! Pygora is so soft and fine, it floats around like cotton candy!

I have been busy . The fiber is from 2008's harvest from our goats. It has been commercially  de-haired. 

I dye it in dye pots and dry it on the clothesline

Then it is carded and blended.

The bundles are then packaged for sale....

The colors are amazing! And the fiber is extraordinarily soft!
I love this part of the process.The festival is May 16th.. in Bristol at the Coggeshall Farm. I'll take a couple of goats with me and leave at 0 dark thirty! 

The next day we leave for Philly for Nicole's graduation form Vet School! 
We'll have  a house sitter to mind the menagerie here!
More later..... :)