Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harmony Homestead kids to Rhinebeck NY!

Bye Bye babies..... off you go to Rhinebeck NY with a new loving family.

We will certainly miss these sweet girls.. Sprite on the left, and Samba on the right.
I know their new family will love them and promises to take very good care of them!

They are ready to leave their mommas and begin their new life with a beautiful young family! New dreams are realized for Dana as she brings these new babies home....
We are happy for them , and wish them many days filled with QGT.... Quality Goat they explore life in the Goat Lane!

Allegro's August Adiós

Allegro was a wonderful Abyssinian we had the pleasure to know. love, and care for 17 years.
He was Elaine's momma's boy, and as we watched his health deteriorate from diabetes and old age, we prepared ourselves for the day he would no longer be with us.

We brought him to the West Greenwich Animal Hospital on August 15,2009 for the last time.
His body was laid to rest with Adagio and Liberty under the Apple tree, near the bridge.

Sadness drained our bodies for awhile and we still miss his loving being...
Yet, we are thankful we had time to say good bye, and know we gave his a loving home for all of his long life.

We will always remember his loving purr, handsome face, and loving nature.

We also remember our young daughters, (Julia at 3 years old and Nicole at 8 years old) as they played with him as a new kitten, feeding him bottles and put bibs on him..
He accepted their tender loving antics as young girls with gentle humility.

We remain thankful for the years we shared with our dear feline friend.
Forever in our hearts he will live.