Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Bucks worth.....

We now have two bucks at Harmony Homestead!
Please allow me to proudly introduce Rainbow Spring Acres Zink.

Only another breeder can fully appreciate the value of new blood to add to the mix of the herd. Zink has excellent conformation and comes from a very reputable breeder in NY, Fran Bishop.
Zink means "coronette", like the trumpet type of horn my father used to play.
( We try to name our animals with a musical theme.)

He has type C fleece, although he will be able to throw kids of A and B type fleece due to his lineage. He has gotten the attention of the does here already:)

Our first buck, The Oaks Private Ryan has acknowledged his presence, but until the rut season arrives, there seems to be no serious head butting ! The wethers have challenged his joining the boys side of the fence. Goats being goats, will work out a pecking order, and decide amongst themselves, who gets first pick of the food and personal attention.

Adding another buck to our herd allows us to add variey into the breeding program, and brings more genetics into the pool. This will help us to develop a stronger herd line with the name of Harmony Homestead. We eagerly await to see the kids that Zink will add to our herd in the spring of 2011.

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