Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Spectacle at Harmony Homestead

The Goats were taken by surprise one recent Sunday evening. A blue truck came into the paddock, unannounced .... what is going on here?

This was highly unusual . The most popular guess was that this was a very abundant delivery of a food source. Perhaps some new hay, or some exotic grains?

It required two strong men to carry. One of them did not look particularly happy about the situation.

Two strange creatures were released!

One had fluffy feet? Are those slippers?

This spectacle was highly unusual. The goats remained in a state of disbelief and wonder.... what are these things?

Their fleece was not like anything they had every seen........

They have since come to know the new barnyard friends... We have added a Rooster and a Hen to our menagerie. The hen is a RI Red, and the Rooster is a mix... A RI Red, with some sort of chicken that has feathery slippers:)
His name is Moe, named by my great niece, Kaylee Rose, aka, Goldilocks:)
We haven't named the hen yet..

Moe....(aka Moe-zart.)

I will have a contest. Name that hen with a musical name, and lucky winner will win an ounce of wonderful pygora fleece, donated by the Harmony Homestead Herd. I will announce the winner on the Harmony Homestead Face Book page.

Use your imagination!


wooltoknit said...

I name him Bo (aka Bow) as in violin bow.

Elaine said...

We have a doe named Bolero... Bo is her nickname! Try again for the Hen's name:)

Elaine said...

We have a doe named Bolero... Bo is her nickname! Try again for the Hen's name:)

calicokitty6 said...

I like Harmony. You can call her Minnie or Harry for a nickname. The name might bring "harmony" to the farmyard between all the animals.

snemeskay said...

I posted this before but for some reason the post never showed up! My suggestion is "Constanze", she was Mozart's wife. You could call the hen Connie for short.

judy said...

Capriccio.. a spirited piece

what fun!

Iris said...

Perhaps you didn't get my suggestion yesterday, or perhaps you thought it just too weird, but I had thought of Papagena, who sings that adorable little duet ( with Papageno in Mozart's The Magic Flute.

When I was 19 I lived in Salzburg which is all Mozart, all the time, and my favorite city statue/fountain was that of Papageno.

Iris said...

I might add that she's adorable. Also, why is one of the strong men not particularly happy about the situation? Does he not eat eggs? or chicken? (oops, will we not be eating any chicken?)

Elaine said...

Iris, One of the strong men is my husband Jeff. He is not particularly happy because i am always wanting more animals, and it does usually involve his back, and more work in the long run. But what a small price to pay for being married to me for 35 years:)

Elaine said...

Iris, I love that duet.... this is getting interesting!

Elaine said...

AND the winner is
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(drum roll here)
Sandi Nemeski.. Connie it is.
Thank you all for participating in this little bit of fun.